How to know which Open-Box Bar Stool is right for you!

1. Measure the Height of Table or Counter

The most important part is to measure the height of your table or counter from the floor to the underside of your counter. This will determine the size that will fit best so it won't be too tall or too short. It's never a bad idea to measure twice, just in case.

Ideally you want at least 10-12" of space between the top of the table or counter, to your seat. Here are some standard measurements that are associated with different stool heights.

When spacing bar stools, typically you will want a minimum of 6" between the base of each stool. This allows for less cramped seating. If you have largers seats you should consider spacing your bar stools further apart to allow for enough space to sit comfortably between individuals.

2. Match Counter & Seat Height Details

Bar Height Stools

For tables & counters measuring 40‑43 inches tall, purchase stools with a seat height between 28‑31 inches. If your counters are measuring closer to 44‑48 inches tall, look for stools with a seat height of 32 inches and up.


Adjustable Height Stools

This lets you play with different heights. For tables & counters measuring 33-46 inches tall, try adjustable stools with a seat height between 23-36 inches.


Counter Height Stools

For tables & counters measuring 34-39 inches tall, purchase stools with a seat height between 24-27 inches.


3. Determine the Style

There are so many styles of bar stools. The Rush Market offers a variety of modern, industrial, farmhouse and traditional options. In addition to these styles you can also choose from other options like backless, low back, swivel, with arms or full back.

Backless options tend to fit best under counters, and tuck away nicely for a clean and finished look. Due to a lack of back support, these can be less comfortable to sit in for longer periods of time.

Low back offers a more trendy, clean and finished look while also providing minimal back support.

Full back bar stool options provide the most support for comfortable seating. However, they also tend to take up the most amount of space, so consider this when measuring.

Upholstered or cushioned bar stools are a comfortable, plush option for more regular seating. Upholstered stools create a more formal finished look over wood or metal base options and can add style to your space through patterns or colors.

Swivel stools allow ease of getting in and out of your stools. The movement of the seats also allow flexibility for smaller spaces by giving you the most range of motion.

Now that you've determined what options you want it's time to consider what style you're going after. Keep in mind, you want to have a cohesive look between your bar stool styles and any other kitchen seating that may share the same space.

It's important to chose a style that reflects your personality and taste. If you're going for a more traditional look you may consider bar stools made from wood, or options with padded seats, additional design features such as tufting, nailhead details and full backs. For a more farmhouse look, choose from bar stools that have a mix of metal and wood options with a distressed or two-tone finish. Contemporary and modern bar stools styles tend to be made from a mix of metal or acrylic/plastic and may be paired with leather and faux leather options. These stools have a streamlined application and clean-lines. Remember it's all about making your space the place you love. The Rush Market is here to help you create that space for less!

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